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MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 screenshot

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

Awesome program5 starsby lynn974
Just past in your YouTube url. I have pasted in as many as 25+ at a time with no problems. Tell it where you want the download to go and that's it.
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LockHunter screenshot


Better than unlocker5 starsby kreezxil397
I used to use unlocker but stopped using it when it stopped working on Windows 10. But I ran into a jam again where I needed to delete something that wouldn't delete. Lock Hunter to the rescue and I like that it shows what was actually lacking the file or folder. In my case it was Disk Speedup by GlarySoft. Apparently it failed to release a file, or was actively defragging a file in that folder. Unlocker would've have never given me that information. I recommend donating to this project too. I am. Don't be shy we all spend more on junk at the corner store or fast food restaurants than what the authors are asking for.
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TheSage screenshot


This program is nagware3 starsby JohnCorliss (Read all my 11 reviews)
It's a good program with lots of info, but every once in a while when I start the program it nags me to buy the "Pro" version.
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PDF-XChange Viewer screenshot

PDF-XChange ViewerPDF-XChange Viewer

My default pdf now for years5 starsby HonestJohn (Read all my 8 reviews)
Many others have reviewed this to death, so I'll only add that I've tried a few others and return to this free version. I liked it enough, I also bought one of their paid PDF editor versions. It isn't perfect, but it is very good and worth the 50 I spent. This free version has many good features, and I consider this indispensable for a new install. I recommend this to all.
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DSynchronize screenshot


Totally in sync5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
DSynchronize is a simple and pretty straight forward sync utility. I love that it has different modes that it can in, for instance: Real time, as a Service, Timed Intervals. The program is small and takes very little memory which is always a plus. After a month of testing I has not seem any issues whatsoever. Another feature that it has is this a DSynchronize Controller which allows you to monitor all your installations of DSynchronize. You can configure the port address if you happen to have a port conflict. This is pretty unquie and awesome for sure! I wanted to thank the author Dimitrios for putting out this really awesome and evolving sync tool.
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Alt-Tab Terminator screenshot

Alt-Tab TerminatorAlt-Tab Terminator

V4 is shareware (usd20 lifetime license)3 starsby Harlan (Read all my 64 reviews)
I liked version 3.x, but I did not use it often since it is easy enough to switch windows from te taskbar. For USD20, it doesn't do enough for me to buy it.
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Xara Web Designer 365 screenshot

Xara Web Designer 365Xara Web Designer 365

Decent, good, perhaps not the best.4 starsby HonestJohn (Read all my 8 reviews)
I've used a number of Xara products in their web site creation products. This isn't bad, but it gets clumsy as the site grows, and as an occasional user, it can be awkward. The interface feels old and slow. I'm not doing anything complex and only use a fraction of Xara's features, yet, I am looking for something else. It is WYSIWYG, and it has good menus. I've had good luck with copy and paste of "very standard HTML" from my old sites into Xara program. I had to do some tweaks, and a few tables and such would not import, but over ok there. I'm having problems exporting this to any other program, thus my main gripe now is that once you use it, you are welded and stuck with it. It seems many web page creation programs are like that, so take care with them all. Being able to export to other editors in the future is a key issue here, and with other programs too. I think this is good to start and good for small sites. For a true bare bones beginner, try Kompozer or other older free product to learn. As I said, I'm looking for a replacement of Xara now. As a note, I've used far worse, so Xara may be a good choice for others, and if the needs are modest, this seems good. Try the trial first!
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Aura screenshot


Turn you pc into a nature sound machine5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
This program really surprised me. The timing and integration of the birds, grasshoppers, woodpecker, insects, and of course the RAIN Now sounds are simply amazing!!!! The blending of all these into a relaxing natural rhythm took a bit of time I'm sure. This project was last commented on in 2011 and it is still going in 2019 just goes to show that us city dwellers need to bring some nature back into our lives. There are a number of selections in the "Control Board" to set any mood you would like. It can start up with Windows, perform sounds from set times (fromto), select different animalinsectwindrainbrook sounds along with their frequency for each, and it has guitaraccordionflute selections. You have the option to add your own sounds as well. I just wanted to thank the author AGlazkov for a really surprising and delightful sounds of nature. Very impressive..
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ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner screenshot

ShellBag Analyzer and CleanerShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner

Shellbag be gone!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
In Windows, it store a lot of things and Shellbags are one of them. This tool allows you to clean up items that no long exist on your system and there is no need to maintain this history, in addition, it bloats the registry. I do have to put out a word of warning since it does modify the registry that you should know what references you are deleting!! There are some items you may want to be maintained such as network drive path, for example. On of the features I like in the GUI is that it is hierarchical displayed in a vertical tree style. You can select the ROOT of that item and it selects ONLY that branch. A very welcome feature for sure. It does have filter you can select, it does backup the changes as part of the default settings and instructs you more on some Windows Explorer setting once everything has been cleaned. Overall a very easy and clean experience.
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RocketDock screenshot


The best5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 25 reviews)
I've tried several launchers for PC's where I don't want a cluttered desktop. This is by far the best one. You can change how it looks, it's size, and how it acts. Fast and good looking. Great for a computer connected to a TV because you can easily size things to be visible from across the room! Easy to create new launch icons. Hides at the top of your screen and drops down when you move your mouse all the way up. Far better than others I've tried. The only downside is it's no longer developed. There used to be some extra icons you could add to it, but now it only has the few it comes with, or uses the icon associated with the program you add. But it's still available for download and looks and works great. If you want a launcher - give this a try!
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SMTP Mail Sender screenshot

SMTP Mail SenderSMTP Mail Sender

Smtp made easy and portable5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
It is a nice piece of software for when you need to send an email and don't want to use a web browser or you don't have an email client installed. The configuration is simple and straight forward. The interface has everything you need to get the job done with the added benefit of adding an attachment. In addition, I took a look at the config.conf file and found that the HazteK team took the time to encrypt the user name and password which is outstanding. Such a simple thing to overlook but increases the sense of security and the use of this application.
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LetsView screenshot


Pretty cool software5 starsby raptozilla (Read all my 20 reviews)
I am not a big cell phone user but decided to try this software anyway. I'm not sure if you can access your computer if you're not within your system's wifi range, but it would be nice if you could. The only thing it seems to be missing is to minimize or close it to the system tray. It remains in your taskbar if you minimize it and closes altogether if you click on the X to close the program
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UK`s Kalender screenshot

UK`s KalenderUK`s Kalender

Silly yanks5 starsby fena2012682 (Read all my 3 reviews)
To that goofy yank that said change name because he is a twit. get a life. Amazing program. Keep UK as they are your initials. cheers
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Video Combiner screenshot

Video CombinerVideo Combiner

Watermarks your result1 starsby herifin1i
Watermarks your final combined video but does not inform you about this before your work. Just at the end of the work informs and watermarks.. Or you will have to buy pro.. You can describe your feelings when you face to this..
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NirLauncher screenshot


What's updated? great password retrieval4 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 34 reviews)
I just wish, since there are maybe 100 tiny utilities in this package, that Nir Sofer would tell us which one(s)he's updated in him monthly dump. That said... In case for any reason your brain or browser doesn't remember your credentials (brand new browser?) this is your rescue. Just know that many anti-malware programs will ID and quarantine the password stuff in this. So you better know how to whitelist inside your security programs.
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FeedDemon screenshot


Works better than thunderbird for my feeds5 starsby FreewareForever (Read all my 5 reviews)
This program works fine with feeds. Its interface is easy to operate. It has folders, tags, several views. Thunderbird had poor RSS abilities compared to this program. This program, for example, does not fetch outdated news, while the former did.
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DesktopCal screenshot


Like a lot but why updates so often?3 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 34 reviews)
Today is 12/23, the last version was 12/19, and so on, too many versions in the last 2 months!
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LockHunter screenshot


Stubborn files - unlocked!!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
Wow, can't believe I just not have seen this program. I run into this a lot with applications that fail to release all the files it uses. This program now has taken care of that issue. Not it is just a Right-Click away to solving your locked file issue. This makes it so easy to use. Thanks for Crystal Rick for making such a needed program!!
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Screamer Radio screenshot

Screamer RadioScreamer Radio

Got radio? now i do!!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
This is a nice minimal radio screaming application. It has enough features to allow customization of what you want to listen to. The program is small and the streams require very little bandwidth. It will notify you if there are updates and self-upgrades, nice!!! The feature I love the most is when the desktop locks it will stop playing. Loving it!
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FotoSketcher screenshot


Cannot beat the price!!4 starsby bill_ymr (Read all my 11 reviews)
For freeware, this is excellent. Would like to be able to do more from a toolbar than menu, but it definitely gets the job done.
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FinalCrypt screenshot


Not fully portable1 starsby ikniqpalagaq765
I tried the latest portable version (6.11) of FinalCrypt and found that it still created a .finalcrypt directory in my Users subdirectory of the C: drive. I would have thought by now (after dozens of new releases) that de Jong would place the .finalcrypt folder and its contents in the root directory of FinalCrypt.
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Open Visual Traceroute screenshot

Open Visual TracerouteOpen Visual Traceroute

Whois and where!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
This is a wonderful program for visualizing from where data is coming or going to from your system. Instead of just a number this adds the benefit of seeing what path and the destination of the packets. Pretty awesome!!!!! Simple, easy to used and enough features to have some fun with..
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HelpNDoc screenshot


Amazing help editor-converter5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
I love this program! Sometimes you come across help file or documentation written a while ago in .CHM format but this only works on Windows. But with this HelpNDoc I can convert them to the now standardized .PDF format which has been a life saver. It is amazing how many documents, book, and how-tos were written in .CHM format. Now I can just convert it, easy as that! The software has tons of features to create or modify existing file format like: HTML, CHM, PDF, DOC and PDF. It is easy to use, has an up-to-date look and feel utility ribbon, and give you options to work on multiple project at the same time. New features and export formats have been added. Overall pretty amazing software.
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Etcher screenshot


Super simple flashing5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
My thanks to balena for putting out Etcher. It is simple, direct and works. For my Raspberry Pi OS's it works fast and had no issues with any images written to the SD card. One nice things is that it is Portable so running it from your USB Portable Apps drive is a bonus.
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vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) screenshot

vmPing (Visual Multi Ping)vmPing (Visual Multi Ping)

Awesome ping4 starsby busybusy (Read all my 222 reviews)
This is a pretty nice tool for checking computers or websites to see if they are up. The only thing I was having issues with is the email notification. I was trying to authenticate but failed the test. With all email going through some level of encryption I'm not sure if SSL or TLS is supported, but other than that I love the program.
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PDFMate PDF Converter Free screenshot

PDFMate PDF Converter FreePDFMate PDF Converter Free

Only converts to docx3 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 3 reviews)
Well, it says it converts PDF to .DOC, but it doesn't, it only converts to docx, which I cannot read. When you tell it to convert to DOC (yes, the button exists), it converts to DOCX, then pops up an ad to inform you that you have to buy the program in order to get that option.
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Ken Rename screenshot

Ken RenameKen Rename

Great filefolder renaming tool5 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Handy file/folder renaming tool. Has features many other rename apps don't. give it a try and i bet you will find this to be one of your must have apps. it has saved me many hours renaming folders/files using the 'action feature' alone. running portable version on win 10 with zero problems.
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AIMP screenshot


Has gotten much, much better5 starsby raptozilla (Read all my 20 reviews)
I gave a negative review of this software about 4 years ago, but after giving it another shot about 8 months ago, I was impressed with the upgrades and increased quality of the player. I now use it as my main music player. There are a wealth of skins created by the online community that can be used with the software that should meet anyone's taste.
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LabChirp screenshot


Not very useful for most2 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Think radio shack level electronics....sort off. it might be useful for a very, VERY, small group of user's looking to create basic sine, square waves, etc. you can't import wav or other sound files and use it as say...a multi wav sound editor, mixer. recordimport real world sounds. think... say an oscilloscope with audio output, not visual.
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TakeOwnershipPro screenshot


Just works5 starsby the_physc_ward477 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Quickly resolves permission problems when working with files or an entire directory, sub-folders, etc. it integrates nicely into the right click context menu so when you need it it's there. with just 2 clicks you have fixed the problem. saves a bit of time by automating the task. a 'must have' piece of software in my book. have been using for 3 years on several machines now with no issues. a big 'thank you' to the publisher of this handy bit of software...and as always.. a thnx to for their review and informing us of this useful bit of kit.
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